Why Warren Buffet Says To Buy Single Family Investment Properties Right Now

I found a video recently of the worlds most successful investor… Warren Buffet… talking about why right now buying single family homes and renting them out is one of the smartest things you can do.

Check out the quick video of Warren below: (click the video to play)

Warren Buffett talks investing in single family homes on CNBC

If you’re at all thinking about buying some rental properties anytime soon… right now is that time.

What’s Coming Down The Pike (and already happening)

Already institutional investors like hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity firms… etc. are shifting from buying stocks… to committing hundreds of millions of dollars (in some cases, billions) to buying foreclosed and REO houses… and renting them out.

The returns they can get doing that are much greater right now than they’re seeing in the stock market.

So, if you wait… the supply of bargain properties will be way down… and will make it harder and harder for investors like you and me to find the best deals.

So, if you’re interested in picking up a couple extra rental properties (or a bunch)… make sure you’re on our VIP Buyers list on this site so you can get our Discount Property Alerts every time we tie up a deeply discounted property.

Happy investing!

Own an Entire Street of Single Family Homes for Less than the cost of One!

We have 9 houses available for purchase on Lindley Ave in North Mobile. These houses are exactly the type of investment that Warren Buffett is talking about in his interview with CNBC (above). These houses have almost $7,000 in monthly cashflow potential under Section 8. As more and more people are unemployed and losing their homes, renting is becoming a more popular option than ever.

These 1,100 sq. ft., 3 BR/2 BTH homes qualify for $700-$750 per month under Section 8. One is already rented out, and the other 8 just need some love to bring them back to life and make some serious passive income month over month.

The houses are located less than five minutes off of I-65 N near downtown and will make a great addition to your investment portfolio.

Asking price is $125,000 for all nine properties. Call today for a walk-through or click here to see pictures of the properties.

Power 2 Create Wealth Investments

Jabaria and her husband are social entrepreneurs with a goal of transforming their community, one family at a time. They help revitalize communities by reinvesting in transitional neighborhoods with underutilized real estate assets while helping families build wealth through homeownership. Invest with a purpose while making a profit.

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